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Archon Chat

 Archon Chat Commands And Abilities

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PostSubyek: Archon Chat Commands And Abilities   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:45 am

Hello there. Now many regard me as the all-knowing walking encyclopedia of RF but do not get the wrong idea. I am just a regular player who researches for information and happily shares such information to all others to level the playing field. Knowledge is indeed power and with your knowledge of the secrets, techniques in the game, one may have the ability to survive in this game. Not to get ahead of others but for the sole purpose of being able to move in the world of RF online with ease and not being a newbie as one may be called.

Now it is my turn to ask for your help. I need assistance in the basic commands for archonship chats and abilities as they may have been changed in the Novus Rising update. Bear with me as I may be new to the role of archonship in my own race and server but of course, I am only a player who is also willing to learn and would want to be good at it.

So if you are in the know, please assist by filling in the (?) that signify the commands that may have been changed for Novus Rising Archon commands. You may correct or add any information you think is not mentioned.


50% Tax Rate from UTS obtained (or depending on the rate adjustment as per the archon)

(?)% in ATK and DEF


/rep = Guild Leaders, Consul, Councils and Archon (blue)

/race = Archon and Councils addressing the race (blue green)

/leader = Archon and Councils personal chat (pink) [previously was /archon during Crimson dawn but is not working currently, there may be a new command]

(?) = Archon's introductory message/notice whenever players login this is the first thing that they see [previously was $race(space)Archon's Name(space)Message]


@restraint(space)1(space)name of character punished(space)reason = chat ban for 5 days

@restraint(space)2(space)name of character punished(space)reason = wanted for 5 days

@restraint(space)3(space)name of character punished(space)reason = party ban for 5 days




option available in lower right of screen next to your mail icon. Assign names of members in your race for appointed councils Consuls, Strike Team, Defense Team and Support Team. Appointments are immediate except when removing one appointed council as removal needs 12 midnight to take into affect.

Consul = can adjust tax rate and can use nuke ; (?)% ATK and DEF increase

Strike Team = additional 20% ATK

Defense Team = additional 20% DEF

Support Team = can use Ranged Racial Support Buffs at a heavy cost of FP.


option available in the lower right of screen next to the mail icon. Assign guilds and adjust tax rates each guilds obtains from race UTS purchases. Changes take into affect 12 midnight from the time requested or changed.


-can only purchase 3 nukes from HERO npc per day

-can deal nukes only to the Consuls

-after using nuke there is a 30 minute cooldown before the same user can deploy another one

-nuke can be used anywhere in the Crag Mine Field even after Battle Lose/Failure/Win

-requires the use to equip Race Leader Baton in order to deploy a nuke


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